Monday, 19 December 2011

My last post of 2011...

Hey there, hope all's well. Still getting used to blogging, still punching words's some final updates before the new year. My resolution: to post more stuff with added frequency!

An animatic is now in progress for my grad film, "Yes By Jesus No". The film has to be three minutes or longer, and I'm finding that there's room for expansion. Hopefully it won't feel bloated, and hopefully it won't feel too slight, either.

Since next year will be my final year at university, a dissertation is inevitable. I'll explore the wonders of commercialism, capitalism and some other detrimental effects mainstream animation has had on this industry. Fun!

Happy holidays to everybody and have a splendid new year. Then again, there's that elephant in the room known as December 21st...let's not panic yet!