Saturday, 28 January 2012

Down Days

Hey everybody, been busy the past few weeks, so here's some updates for my first post of 2012:

I have failed the animatic task. "Yes By Jesus No" as-is won't work as a short film, so my storyboards have been sent to the virtual trash. The entire film will have to be re-boarded if it ever stands a chance of gaining legs. So off I go to the land of misery and despair, trying to save a dying film. Down days indeed. From this point, it can only get better.

Now that I have feedback for the first draft of my essay, I can make fairly minor adjustments before it can be sent to mark. Happy days.

The end of university is nigh. I'll soon be a small fish in a massive pond. No way of knowing when or where I'll ever surface.


  1. As a former animation student it's hard not to feel for you in that situation, trust me it occurs professionally also, not that that's encouraging. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stranger (not a typo).

  2. Hehe, not that I'm strange enough already...whoo!