Sunday, 26 February 2012

This new animatic is dragging me like a tow truck.

Hey guys, here's some more fun updates, several days overdue.

After working hard on my dissertation, I now find that there would be better things that I could do than make my final film. Honestly, it's come to that conclusion. I would rather not make a film this year! Really, I feel completely drained of any inspiration of the sort, now I'm under the impression that my film will stink regardless of what I do, and I've no idea how to get out of it. I haven't felt this depressed about a project since last year, and if I had this blog running back then, I would spill the details all out.

Somehow I try not to believe this will suffice, but it has in some cases and I sure hope it suffices on this project. But I constantly have this on my mind; if I can't make this film, it's all over as far as I'm concerned. Perhaps this part of the brain needs some convincing:
Maybe I'm being too negative, and that I'll eventually be out of this mess. Who knows?

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